05.04.2018“I´ve learned a lot from these kids.”

An interview with Mr. Bahman Ghobadi- a producer of “Life on the Border” for the Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany.

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26.09.2017„Life on the Road” – a new project created by refugee children

For the past three years, Mij Film Company has been organized film workshops to teach children who are interested in Cinema from different refugee camps in Iraq how to make their own movies and narrate their lives stories to the world. 

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19.05.2016Filmfest München- Retrospective Bahman Ghobadi

Retrospective guest Bahman Ghobadi is a pioneering Kurdish filmmaker, who uses his films to raise awareness of the difficult predicament of his people and gleans mesmerizing stories from his rugged homeland. Ghobadi was born in the Kurdish part of Northern Iran 1969 near the Iraqi border.

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