„Life on the Road” – a new project created by refugee children

For the past three years, Mij Film Company has been organized film workshops to teach children who are interested in Cinema from different refugee camps in Iraq how to make their own movies and narrate their lives stories to the world. 

This support helped to make „Life on the border”, a documentary directed by 8 children from Kobani and Shengal, about their own life inside the camps, that recorded their own experiences in the wake of brutal attacks by ISIS. Which received well by many international film festivals such as Berlinale. 

„Life on the road” shows other side of the first production and it is focused on the home return of war-torned and displaced children and their family, where relatives and friends have been killed by ISIS. All what they have for the new beginning are ruins of the cities and memory for the names that have not survived this horrible attack.

The plot consists of a four episodes, each of them is told by different child who direct his/her own film.