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Hello, this is Bahman Ghobadi. I’d like to present a coffee shop style workshop. A casual one for just sharing my personal experiences with you. I want to define what film making is and who the filmmaker is. Actually, I believe we artists are not filmmakers, painters,.. but we are WINDOW makers. A window maker is the one who first finds a wall to set up a window. No one knows what’s behind the window. A film maker does the same presenting something which has been left unseen to the audience. Many films are made based on the same wooden windows which had been made before, we only make it an aluminum window ,which is not good. There are two important aspects in cinema: what to present and how to present. How to present is like how to break that wall for making a window to show what’s behind of it,which must be something interesting. The window frame is where you show that world to the audience. How to present goes back to your recognition of the cinematic tools and terms. You shouldn’t be afraid of using terms like close-up, zoom in, dolly in, dolly back, etc. You can simply explain these terms. I also include editing , microphones, sound recording for presenting something professional. In this stage, you just record whatever you want. It is like starting primary school and starting to learn the alphabets. You shouldn’t be looking for impressive locations and plots. Even in your 5th or 6th film, you should tell a simple story, nothing too deep and conceptual. You should learn to rule the tools you have, not let them rule over you in your first ten films. The basic foundation of film making is photography or drawing. You need to be familiar with the frames and combinations. If you do so, you could easily tell the cameraman where to put the camera and if you want to be a good photographer, just take photos. In order to learn about cinema tools, you can stick to personal experiences. Start making films by your mobile phones. Go watch a professional short film and remake it using your mobile phone. For recording my voice, I have this simple device while my friend is filming me. Please find the rest in comment…

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